5 Tips to Save During the Holidays

5 Tips to Save During the Holidays

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Having a budget for the holidays can help you save. Follow the tips below to help you save this holiday season:

1. Make a list and check it twice. If you are buying gifts for others this holiday season, start a list of everyone you need to buy for. It's important to account for everyone, whether it's a work gift exchange, your kids, significant other, or anyone else you need to buy for.  After you finish your list, set an overall dollar amount that's within your budget.

2. Assign dollar amounts to each person. After you have your overall dollar amount, assign dollar amounts to each person you are buying for. Making a craft for someone? Budget how much it will be to buy the materials to make their gift. By allocating a dollar amount to each individual, it can help prevent overspending.

3. Compare prices. The first price you may see while you're out shopping may not be the best price. If you're at a store, check prices online with your phone or go home to check online to see if you can find that gift cheaper before you buy.

4. Never underestimate your time as a gift for someone. If you're short on money, maybe you have a skill or something else that you can offer as a gift. Can you take pictures? Offer a photo shoot. Can you baby sit? Offer to watch someone's kids while the parents go out on a date. Can you crochet? Make a blanket or scarf for someone you love. Du you have spare time? Offer to go grocery shopping for the new busy mom for a month. The whole goal here is to get creative. These gifts can be invaluable because they are thoughtful and can truly help someone out.

5. Evaluate any other costs. It can be easy to focus on gifts and not focus on all of the costs associated with the holidays such as traveling, food, and decorations, but these other expenses can add up. Try using different mobile apps to help you find the cheapest deal on a flight. Allot a budget for food, travel, and any other expected holiday expenses and stick to it.  When you follow a budget, it will not only save you money, but allow you to cut back on other unnecessary expenses or impulse buys during the holidays.

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