Road Trip Vehicles FNL

The Best Road-Trip Vehicles, Chosen by Edmunds

Road Trip Vehicles FNL

The editors at vehicle valuation specialist Edmunds have chosen their favorite road-trip vehicles.

"We surveyed more than 500 Edmunds shoppers and discovered that 80 percent of them have either taken, planned to take or would like to take a road trip this summer, so it's obvious that the road trip remains as popular as ever," said Alistair Weaver, editor-in-chief at Edmunds.

Edmunds also asked shoppers about road trip preferences and discovered that 35 percent prefer destinations on the water, while 20 percent are partial to national or state parks.

As for favorite road trip activities, 40 percent of those surveyed prefer to explore the local culture, 20 percent most enjoy hitting theme parks and local landmarks, and 19 percent like to be active in the great outdoors hiking, biking, surfing, etc.

An additional 20 percent said they just prefer being on the open road, with the drive their favorite part of a road trip.

Edmunds editors created their list of favorite road trip destinations and vehicles with these desires in mind. Encompassing both dream cars and everyday family vehicles, there is something on the list for just about everyone to enjoy. Our 2018 favorite road trip vehicles are:

Ford Mustang: Natchez Trace Parkway to Nashville

The burly V8 engine of the Mustang GT convertible is perfect for cutting loose on one of the most beautiful roads in the country.

Jaguar F-Type SVR: Pioneertown, California

Just two hours from L.A., test the horsepower of the Jaguar F-Type on desert roads against the backdrop of famous old Western movies.

Volvo XC60: Petrified Forest National Park and Chaco Culture National Historical Park

With a roomy interior, panoramic sunroof, all-wheel drive and air suspension, the XC60 is perfect for reaching these ultimate stargazing destinations in the Southwest.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack: Back Roads of Maine

Capable, sporty and budget-friendly, the Golf Alltrack's four-wheel drive is ideal for taking in the Maine scenery, from the coast to inland forests. Its roomy interior can handle all the camping gear and lobster rolls you need.

BMW 328d Wagon: Zion National Park

Fun-to-drive and fuel-efficient to boot, this BMW wagon also has enough luxury features to keep you comfortable while taking in the magnificent Utah landscape.

Chevrolet Tahoe: Southern California to Colorado

Roomy enough for the whole family, plus plenty of towing ability, the Chevy Tahoe can handle both the road and the mountains in style.

Tesla Model 3: Foodies' Tour of Los Angeles

The Model 3's range makes it a perfect vehicle to explore a smorgasbord of local culture in quiet comfort.

Porsche 911 Carrera S: Asheville, NC, to Knoxville, TN

A sports car is the perfect foil for the beautiful yet challenging winding roads of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Subaru Crosstrek: Sequoia National Park and the Inyo National Forest

Comfortable on the highway and capable in the dirt, the Crosstrek can get you to your remote campsite without breaking a sweat.

Mazda MX-5 Miata: Taking in Maui's Coast

Hawaii's most famous road calls for a convertible to enjoy the postcard-worthy views, and the Miata is agile and effortless to wield on the curvy road.

Ram 1500: Southern Oregon Coast

Taking in all the sights from campsite to campsite along this scenic, rugged coastline is no issue for the Ram's stout Hemi V8, even with travel trailer in tow.

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