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How to Attract and Keep Fabulous Talent

A business is only as fabulous as its team. But, in a world where staff shortages are common and finding new hires can be a formidable challenge, how can a small business owner attract and retain awesome talent?

It may take some work, but it can be done! Here are four hacks for finding those dream employees – and holding onto them, too.

  1. Offer competitive benefits and perks

In addition to a competitive salary, employee benefits and perks can be a huge attraction to potential employees. If you’re having trouble holding onto top talent, consider rethinking the benefits and perks you offer your team. For example, you can offer the flexibility to work from home, order lunch for the team once a week or subsidize memberships to the gym for employees. This, of course, is in addition to a robust health coverage plan many workplaces feature, and a well-stocked coffee station.

  1. Rethink your office

Gone are the days of the stiff office atmosphere and the sterile environment at work. Today, a casual workplace is all the rage, and for good reason. There is research supporting the idea that employees perform better when they feel relaxed and comfortable. To that end, employers are working to rethink the way their office looks. Some offices have installed game rooms, where employees can relax with a game of ping pong or pool during their lunch hour. Others have redecorated with overstuffed bean bags and mushroom chairs to replace boring old office chairs. There are so many other ways you can play with this: scentifiers, fun desktop toys, out-of-the box company retreats and so much more.

  1. Network virtually and in-person

One of the best ways to find great talent is to actively pursue it at virtual and in-person events. You can attend hiring expos, industry conferences and the like, where you’ll meet young professionals seeking to gain entry into your field. Make some connections, drop your name and your workplace where it matters and get ready to meet those new employees seeking an interview with your company.

  1. Be an open, understanding and fair boss

No one wants to work for an inflexible boss. You can have set rules for your employees and run a tight ship while still knowing when and how to bend. Make sure your team members know they can always approach you for anything and everything, and you’ll gain a reputation as an understanding boss people love to work for.

It isn’t easy to find and hold onto great talent, but with some proactive steps, you can build and keep a fabulous team.

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