Eyeing the Door FNL

Employees Are Job Hunting Due to Broken Business Processes, Nintex Study Finds

Eyeing the Door FNL

Many employees are eyeing the door - job hunting out of frustration with broken business processes, a new study from intelligent process automation specialist Nintex.

Undefined paths for career advancement lead to poor annual reviews, preventing employees from reaching their full potential, and literally push American workers out the door.

The Nintex study, "Definitive Guide to Corporate America's Most Broken Processes," found that more than half of employees at U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees say their company does not define or follow a process for personal career advancement.

Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed report that their company's broken processes are preventing them from maximizing their potential. This lack of clarity for individual career advancement also puts unnecessary stress on the employee/supervisor relationship.

Don\'t Blame the Employee

"Employee loyalty grows when people feel valued and clearly understand what is required for career progression," said Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. "When it comes to chronic job hopping and employee turnover, it's easy to point blame on the younger generation of workers who are more inclined to switch jobs faster than previous generations. However, our research shows that three of the top five broken processes in America are related to a company's internal ability to manage talent."

Activities related to career advancement identified as a broken process by respondents include:

  • 57 percent cite the annual performance review system
  • 55 percent cite access to the tools and documents that enable good job performance
  • 47 percent cite raise negotiations

Johnson continued by saying that senior leadership often underestimates the importance of career advancement for entry to mid-level employees.

When executive and human resources teams struggle to implement effective annual review systems and raise negotiation processes or fail to provide tools that help employees maximize their potential they will drive employees to look for jobs elsewhere.

The newest data from Nintex shows that when organizations realize the importance of improving career advancement processes and act on it, which is easy with today's workflow and content automation technologies, they will be better positioned to grow and retain top talent.

By simply empowering employees with the right tools, automated processes, and career guidance, business leaders can ensure everyone within an organization is well-equipped to do their very best job.

Executive and HR teams can then measure the impact of their improved career advancement programs by looking at rates of internal promotions and employee turnover as well as feedback from employee surveys and exit interviews.

The top five most broken processes identified by the Nintex study include:

1) Technology troubleshooting

2) Access to tools and documents that enable good job performance

3) Annual performance reviews

4) Promotions

5) Employee onboarding

Learn more by downloading the "Definitive Guide to Corporate America's Most Broken Processes" at https://info.nintex.com/CNT-CORP-AMBPS-0118_Registration.html.

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