Creative Skills FNL

Creative Skills Can Get You a Great Job

Creative Skills FNL

Discussions about in-demand job skills usually focus on technical proficiency. However, there\'s ample evidence that having creative skills can also boost a person\'s prospects for employment.

New research from staffing firm The Creative Group shows that digital initiatives will drive hiring of creative professionals in the second half of the year.

According to a survey of more than 400 advertising and marketing hiring decision makers, the greatest need is for people with expertise in web and mobile development, web production, user interface and interaction design, and creative development.

The research points to a talent shortage in these areas, too.

When asked which creative roles are hardest to staff, the top responses were web and mobile development, creative development, user interface and interaction design, information architecture, and user experience.

"Many companies want to bring on creative and marketing professionals to support digital initiatives but face an extremely competitive hiring environment and low unemployment," said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group.

"Employers need to make sure job descriptions are realistic versus aspirational to draw in suitable applicants, provide attractive pay and benefits, and move quickly to extend offers to top candidates," Domeyer said.

If you have the skills that employers need, be sure to highlight them in your resume. And don\'t hesitate to go after jobs that seem - from the description - to be a little bit above your skill set. As Domeyer points out, many employers are prone to being \"aspirational\" in their job descriptions. Looked at \"realistically\", you just might be the perfect fit for the job.

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