Millennials and Credit Card Debt

Phone and Card

2 in 3 Millennials Have Credit Card Debt, More Than Double the Number Who Have Student LoansCredit card debt weighs down more millennials’ finances than student loans, according to a new report from financial services online marketplace, which found only 13 percent of millennial credit cardholders are completely debt-free.Across all generations, nearly one in…

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1 in 3 Americans Think They Will Never Be Debt Free, Survey Finds

In a new survey, nearly a third of Americans expressed concern that they will not be able to pay off debt in their lifetime, according to GOBankingRates. Perhaps it\’s time to visit your credit union. Forty-four percent of Americans said that low income is the No. 1 reason for their ongoing struggle with debt. Respondents also…

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Debit Card Fraud Is on the Rise

Debit Card Fraud FNL

There was a 10 percent increase in the number of payment cards compromised at U.S. ATMs and merchants in 2017, Silicon Valley analytic software firm FICO reports. The number of compromised card readers at U.S. ATMs, restaurants and merchants rose 8 percent in 2017. FICO’s data comes from the FICO Card Alert Service, which monitors hundreds of thousands of…

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The Up-Side of Student Debt

Upside of Student Debt FNL

Millions of Americans are burdened with student debt. This burden causes many to put their lives off, delaying home-buying new vehicle loans and other credit-intensive activities. However, there can be an upside. According to analytics software firm FICO (of FICO Score fame), student loan borrowers can improve their FICO Score. FICO sampled 10 million scorable…

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When Lenders Use Alternative Credit Data, More Consumers Are Approved

Alternative Credit FNL

Most lenders use standard credit report data to approve, or deny, consumers credit. The problem is, some perfectly credit-worthy people get left out in the cold. A new study sheds light on some new solutions. Credit bureau Experian, at its 37th annual Vision Conference, announced the launch of its first-ever State of Alternative Credit Data report, examining lender…

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